Saturday, October 1, 2016

Timeless: New Time-Travel Series Launches...

NBC’s “Timeless” is a new time-travel series (premiering Oct 3), to which a number of you may have been introduced, having caught the exciting, promotional feature at cinemas this summer.

The Eric Kripke/Shawn Ryan creation deals with a stolen time machine and the intrepid trio that leaps among the decades to reclaim it. Our heroes hope to prevent its thief from altering U.S. history and the fabric of reality as we know it (as if that, under the current, arduous circumstances, would be such a bad deal--tee-hee!).

The series' crafty villain is Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic); and the protagonists are Professor Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer); Sergeant Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) and scientist Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett). From the preview, it appears the cast has credible chemistry and will offer lots of feisty, fish-out-of-water humor. (Hey, it worked well for "Star Trek IV", right?) 

The only problem is NBC as the source network. NBC is notorious for its initial acceptance and ultimate disdain toward science fiction or for that matter, anything with an unorthodox bent (granted, with "Grimm" being the one odd exception to its crass rule). It’s not just the fact that NBC cancelled the original “Star Trek”. Let's not forget the unjust slashing it gave “Hannibal” and the way it prevented a swell Wonder Woman pilot and clever "Munsters" reboot from gaining extension. Perhaps NBC launches these creations only to take delight in snuffing them prematurely. Will “Timeless” fall victim to the same sadistic tactic? 

Time will determine that, but at the get-go, the series certainly has an interesting angle (even if it somewhat mirrors CW's "Legends of Tomorrow"); so let’s see if it lasts long enough to test the waters, surprise us with some unique time-travel twists and from there, grow a faithful following. Fingers crossed...

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