Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ash vs Evil Dead: Bout 2!!!

Bruce Campell is back as our favorite Deadite fighter in STARZ's "Ash vs. Evil Dead", and thanks to creator/co-producer Sam Raimi, we're off to another rambunctious start.

Not only is Campbell back as the dynamic, but bumbling Ash Williams, but we're again treated to Ray Santiago as Pablo Simon Bolivar; Dana Delorenzo as Kelly Maxwell; and Lucy Lawless as Ruby Knowby. To amp up the action, the versatile Ted Raimi is on board as Ash's best buddy, Chet Kaminski, and the legendary Lee ("The Six Million Dollar Man") Majors occupies the role of Brock, Ash's dad. Wow!!!

The earliest phases of this 10-episode spree are living up to expectations, with the tone right in tune with what came before. That means plenty of comedy, horror and outrageous fun.  At this point, Ash has left Jacksonville to hang out at his home base of Elk Grove, Michigan, where otherworldly consequences continue to plague him and his friends. 

For those in the know, Campbell's Ash stands as an identifiable everyman, but when push comes to shove, he more than rises to heroic occasion, pressing on to do the right thing, even if his decisions sometimes force him into abrupt (and damn gory) left turns. (Wait till you see what happens in Episode 2: "The Morgue". Whoa!!!)

If you haven't given "Ash vs Evil Dead" a try yet, do yourself a favor. You don't have to be a die-hard fan of the "Evil Dead" franchise, either, to get on the groove. This one effortlessly explains itself, and once you're hooked, you'll be glad you're along for the ride.


  1. Seems that Season 2 is touching upon some familiar horror/science-fiction themes, with the likes of "Who Goes There?"/"Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" and of course, the tried-and-true possessed-car tactic. I wonder if such revisited concepts will be a recurring strand or a passing phase. I suppose, with an ongoing saga like this, revisiting iconic themes can only help keep the Deadite element interesting and empowered.

  2. Nice touch with Ellen Sandweiss returning to "Evil Dead" lore in "Trapped Inside". It's special, little touches like this that make "Ash vs...", well, special.

    Another unexpected death, though. That did rather sadden me, but will hold back on my precise reaction and why, so as not to spoil things for those who may not have seen the episode.

  3. Finished watching Season 2. Pretty gruesome stuff. I'm uncertain which of the two seasons I prefer. I guess they should be perceived as one, long story, anyway.

    I enjoyed Season 2's conclusion, and the series could, in fact, end right there (just based on the way it was staged), but from what I've read, Season 3 has been approved, so what else can I say? More Ash is on the way!