Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Collectible Time #54: JAKKS 31" Batman v Superman Big-Figs; Mattel 12" Wonder Woman Figure

Whoa!!! These 31" JAKKS Big-Figs sure are swell, and I purchased a couple new ones to supplement my growing "Batman v Superman" collection (see "Collectible Time #51" - Jan '16 for the initial spree). 

The Ben Affleck Batman is a most formidable looking piece and not only due its sturdy black/gray frame, but because of the cynical glint in the Dark Knight's eyes.

The same can be said of the 31" Henry Calvill Superman, which exudes not only the actor's colorful sculpt, but a strong, determined countenance. Indeed, this has to be one of the most regal pieces yet done on Cavill's Man of Steel. 

In addition to the Big-Figs, I also landed a DC Multiverse "Dawn of Justice" Mattel 12" Wonder Woman.

She'll make a fine addition to her Batman and Superman 12" counterparts; and like those representations, this Gal Gadot Amazon sports 10 points of articulation. Above all, she's quite the looker.

Having these swell pieces certainly gives me greater incentive to see the much anticipated Zach Snyder epic this March!!! Whoopee!!!

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