Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Collectible Time #53: McFarlane Walking Dead New Rick Grimes 10" Figure...

The fourth in McFarlane's "Walking Dead" 10" series has arrived and far sooner than I expected (and for the record, it's an early Valentine's gift from my wife; yeah, I know...so sweet of her). It's also the second 10" representation of series' lead Rick Grimes, in what's packaged as the "Vigilante Edition". (For reviews on the previous 10" entries, see "Collectible Time #45: Nov '15; and #14: Nov '14.)

In this instance, Rick is portrayed in all his blood-splattered glory; and Andrew Lincoln's tense expression invokes the hardy realism that the actor perpetually brings to the role.

The figure also comes with some cool accessories: d-rings; machete; revolver; knife; and an alternate arm for the sake of interchangeable display.

I gotta say, the detail on these pieces is grand, and for the scale and price (ranging from $30-$40), one is unlikely to find any finer "Walking Dead" sculpts. 

Sure anticipating the next one in this series. Would love to see a Governor, Shane, or maybe even a swell, hot-to-trot Maggie--oh, man!!!

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