Saturday, February 14, 2015

Collectible Time #19: Moebius/Jeff Yagher, Julie Newmar Catwoman and Alien/Ripley figures for Valentine's

At long last, the Moebius follow-up to the stunning Adam West Batman styrene model kit (see "Collectible Time #12 - Nov '14) has arrived...Julie Newmar as Catwoman (a gift from my wife for Valentine's Day--hot damn!) As with the West kit, Newmar was sculpted by Jeff Yagher, and the likeness is awe-inspiring, from her distinct curves, long legs and purr-fect expression. (The model will stand roughly 9.5" tall when assembled.) What more can I say, except, I'm happy as a lark on a Valentine's Day!!! (Next up in the series is Burt Ward as Robin--can't wait!!!)

Also, my wife gave me two Funko "Alien" 3/4" action figures...the Alien and Sigourney Weaver's Ripley (Space Suit version).

My actual Alien isn't encased face-front, as seen above, but is angled at a side view, which due to its elongated head, would otherwise seem the only logical way to package it. No matter...these are two cool pieces, which were planned for release by Kenner in '79. Oh, well, better late than never!!!

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