Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Collectible Time #18: Mummy Time--Mezco and Funko Mummies

Here's a follow-up to the birthday presents I received this year: thanks to my coworkers, a chilling Mummy double-feature!!!

First up is the 9" Mezco Mummy. Like the other famous monsters in this particular series, this lurching Imhotep has unique (if not borderline super-deformed) proportions to him, while projecting fine detail in the bandaging and facial features. The face, in fact, invokes Karloff, though the intended pose is more Chaney's Kharis: maybe that makes this one more of a hybrid along the lines of Aurora's classic Mummy model. Whatever the case, it's quite a dandy (and creepy) figure, I dare say!!!

To accompany the Mezco piece, I also received the Funko 3/4" Mummy. This, like the other Universal Monsters presently available from Funko, is a recast from the popular Kenner series from the early '80s. 

As you can see, he's a cute, little Imhotep, and the graphics on his packaging, retro-superb!!!

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