Thursday, December 25, 2014

Collectible Time #15: A Caped Crusader Christmas

Contrary to the startling resemblance, the above isn't Adam West, but rather (due to the deft workings of my friend, Skip Hulbert), yours truly as the '60s Cape Crusader. (Considering that Skip holds a remarkable resemblance to Hollywood heartthrob, Van Johnson, who portrayed the dreaded Minstrel on the series, a sequel is in store with us naturally in the leads--ha, ha.) Anyway I'm using this fine image to introduce some new Batman collectibles I received this Christmas.

First up, from Mom and Dad Housel, is the Mattel Batmobile: a stunning 20" long representation of the classic George Barris vehicle. It's designed for the 7" television series characters, if one's so inclined to insert them. 

I've read more than a few derisive remarks on this representation, claiming it's nothing more than an over-sized piece of plastic, but hey, folks, what does a styrene kit consist of, for cryin' out loud? This this precisely the same, just assembled and detailed. 

As with all of Mattel's '60s Batman items, this one sports colorful packaging: collectible in its own right. To me, for the price (and this typically goes for about $50 via most sources), the Batmobile is a steal that even the fussiest of Gotham villains couldn't pass up!!!

To accompany the Batmobile, my parents also gave me a 31" black-and-gray Caped Crusader. (This goes along with my three, 31" versions of Christian Bale's Dark Knight.) For a generic take on our hero, which covers both the original and modern color schemes, this is an ideal representation for any across-the-board fan. I'm more than pleased and proud as punch to have it as part of my jumbo action-figure collection!!!

And from my in-laws, Ned and Faith, I received a spectacular anthology on Batman's primary adversary..."The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told"!!! The mad clown's diabolical antics are thoroughly detailed in this classic compilation, offering hours of demented fun--a must-have for any Bat-library (and just dig that crazy cover)!!!

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