Friday, December 12, 2014

Collectible Time #14: MacFarlane Walking Dead 10" Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon figures

Though I haven't previously posted on AMC's "Walking Dead", I am (like many people) a huge fan of the show (as well as the entire flesh-eating zombie sub-genre). To commemorate this fact, my parents bought me a MacFarlane 10" Rick Grimes figure. It projects all the grit and tension we associate with Andrew Lincoln's character and can be posed in either of two ways, as pictured above.

The Rick figure is a companion piece to MacFarlane's 10" Daryl Dixon piece, released about a year ago. It perfectly captures the likeness of actor, Norman Reedus and comes with an attachable poncho and of course, Daryl's trademark crossbow. 

It appears that MacFarlane may do others on this scale, and I'm determined to nab them as they appear. 

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