Friday, October 17, 2014

Flask of Eyes Update #4

As my big "Flask of Eyes" release date approaches from Damnation Books, I thought I'd offer a couple interim teasers. As such, below you'll find two posters: Jack Arnold's "Monster on the Campus" (1958) and H.G. Lewis' "Blood Feast" (1963). 

The "Monster on the Campus" artwork is actually displayed in the lead character's dingy apartment. It also links to a startling, physical change that strikes him (hint, hint).

The "Blood Feast" poster isn't referenced in the story, but the actual film is, in fact, featured in one of the tale's surreal scenes.

Anyway, hope these ghastly selections wet your appetite for my novel, and rest assured, "Flask" is most definitely coming soon to a literary source near you!!!


  1. I like your interim teasers...can I get you to say just a little more about how "Blood Feast" relates to your upcoming book? Thanks and can't wait for when your book is released!

  2. I'm glad you like the teasers. As for "Blood Feast", it's a notoriously gruesome film: the first of its kind, in fact. It offers a radical, symbolic shift in the story, particularly with one of the characters who, by his very nature, craves blood in a most lustful way!