Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Collectible Time #10: Diamond Select Gill-men

Just got my Diamond Select new, 7" sculpt Gill-man. As rendered by Jean St. Jean, this sure is a dandy. It sports 16 points of articulation and in addition to its jaw-dropping design, sports an amazing paint job. The base is also quite satisfying, embellishing the figure, not distracting from it. 

This release is actually a follow-up to Diamond's earlier 7"x 7" "Creature from the Black Lagoon" diorama, which features Rudy Garcia's sculpt of the famous monster, along with his curvaceous take on Kay Lawrence (the iconic Julie Adams). Jean St. Jean actually supplied the sandy base in that instance. This one's also a winner, as you can clearly see, and still available through a number of sources, though at a higher price than when originally offered. (Glad I got mine when I did; actually, it was a Christmas present from my folks.)

Nonetheless, either release is well worth pursuing. These are high quality representations and amazingly affordable compared to other, often less impressive, though quite pricey, Gill-man pieces. If you're inclined to start a Gill-man collection, or simply want to add to an existing one, Diamond's products are a wise way to go!

PS: Keeping in the swing of Diamond Gill-men, I shamelessly plunged forth and ordered the 7" Uncle Gilbert from "The Munsters" classic episode, "Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights". You may recall the clever ending when the Gill-man makes a heartfelt cameo; below is the grand representation of that modified appearance, also sculpted by Jean St. Jean!

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