Friday, February 22, 2019


Lloyd Smith knows there's nothing quite like a quality creature clash to get the senses spiked. 

For The Unbeatable Brick #4, our adroit author pits the rubbery, red Brick against a fiery, Pacific Ocean denizen called Volcanus, in what becomes the crusader's most cataclysmic conflict to date. Heck, if you think Brick had it tough with that darn mechanical menace, Colossus, you ain't seen nothin' yet. 

In fact, this particular Lucky Comics/Surprising Universe adventure rivals the best Aquaman, Depthon and Sub-Mariner sojourns, with Donnie Page delivering the outstanding, splashy artwork, in which our fantastic F.L.A.G.G. teammate tosses every ounce of strength against the angry "Mountain that Walked like a Man".  

This strapping nailbiter can be purchased at ...

And while the chance is at hand, why not seize The Unbeatable Brick #1-3? Brick is without question one of the hottest, most fascinating, malleable protagonists to come down the pike in quite some time. His latest adventure is only the tip of the exciting iceberg in what's bound to be a super-long spree. Be wise and get in on all the unbeatable fun!!!


  1. Man, I dig your reviews! Thanks for spreading the "Surprising" word, Michael!

    1. It's my utmost pleasure, Lloyd. I'm glad that Brick is building momentum.