Sunday, April 16, 2017


I became friends with Phillip E. Temples last year and was fortunate to receive an advanced copy of his novel, "Helltown Chronicles".

The novel is now in official release, and I'm pleased to report to one and all that it's a must-read. 

In fact, fans of “Dark Shadows”, “Kolchak” and "Twin Peaks" are sure to relish the darkly exquisite yarn, where investigative mystery and weird wonderment merge. There’s something for every horror fan here, in a decades-hopping stretch that includes a mad mortician, an eerie inn, mutant terrors and occult occurrences that would make Lovecraft cringe. Temples presents it all in a crisp, no-nonsense style that grips one by the throat and keeps one yearning for more, with characters both disturbing and identifiable. 

"Helltown'"s lead character, reporter Jerry Wolanski, is the easiest to embrace with his everyman charm, which makes his journey to the strange sector (a real place, mind you) all the more intriguing. Also, the female characters are enormously engaging, which include Wolanski's spunky competitor, Susan Wong, as well as the alluring mystic, Astarte.

Temple had this superb story on the back burner for a hefty stretch, due to an ethically challenged publisher (with whom I also experienced a most unpleasant exchange). Well, that shyster's loss is now our gain, thanks to Big Table Publishing Company, which agreed to put Temple's tale in circulation. 

Let’s hope the novel is the first in a long string of such creepy visitations. Indeed, Helltown is the sort of off-kilter place that demands exploration. 

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