Monday, March 7, 2016

RICH HANDLEY'S TIMELINE OF THE APES: Time Travel and Alternate Realities in the Simian Spectrum...

"Every time someone comes into the time barrier--the Hasslein Curve--in either direction, it's possible for history to be modified..." Rich Handley.

The above quote is the author's basis for "Timeline of the Planet of the Apes: The Definitive Unauthorized Chronology": an amazing, mind-bending volume of insight and tidbits pertaining to one of the most thought-provoking science-fiction sensations ever conceived.

Not only does Handley cover the films and television shows, but the vast array of comics, periodicals and novels (including Pierre Boulle's trendsetting foundation), which characterize the saga's evolutionary facets; and he rationalizes their connections with chronological flair. All our favorite characters are included in the interlocking spree, from Taylor, Cornelius and Zira to Galen, Virdon and Burke, all the way up (or is it back?) to Andy Serkis' revised Caesar in the current cinematic saga.

The edition also includes an "Apes" time-travel overview: a nifty catalyst for categorizing the mythology, which also incorporates all the various "contradictions" and co-existing outcomes. On this basis alone, the author's meticulous accomplishment should make even the most proficient fans bow in respect. 

Beyond the obvious omission of the recent "Star Trek/Apes" comic-book crossover, this one has it all, so much so that Handley's volume is unlikely to be rivaled any time soon. Revised editions are inevitable, of course, if only with the guaranteed continuation of the "Apes" movies and their resulting companion pieces.

"Timeline" proves beyond any doubt how extensive and intricate the simian universe is in its incredible scope and layers, matching (and often exceeding) even the likes of "Doctor Who", "Star Trek", "Star Wars" and Tolkien's Middle Earth. 

For any fan of the franchise, "Timeline" is guaranteed to fill one's hours--and days--with endless probing into a mythology that for good reason, refuses to go away. 

"Timeline" is now available through Hasslein Books at and Barnes & Noble. Get your copy today and...GO APE!!! 

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