Friday, January 23, 2015

Collectible Time #17: Neca Burt Ward Robin, Kurt Russell/Snake Plissken Figures and Dracula, the Un-dead

For my birthday, my parents gave me the companion piece to the grand Neca Adam West 1/4 scale Batman (see Collectible Time - Jan '14)...Burt Ward's Robin, the Boy Wonder!!!  

The above photo says it all, even featuring Robin's accessories. This, like the West Batman, is truly a wonder to behold, both in size and detail: a magnificent representation of one of my childhood heroes (and a gusty, by-golly interpretation I still enjoy to the max; job well done, Mr. Ward)!!!

Additionally, my parents gave me two Funko 3/4" scale Kurt Russell/Snake Plissken "Escape from NY" action figures. They're done in the style of '80s figures: perhaps not ultra detailed, but darn quaint, all the same. In this instance, our alternate-reality anti-hero is represented both in primary and jacketed attire. I really like Snake and quite enjoy these little homages to him!!!

And from my in-laws, Ned and Faith, something literary..."Dracula, the Un-dead": not just a sequel to the Bram Stoker classic, but one co-penned by Ian Holt and the literary genius' great-grand nephew, Dacre Stoker, no less. I've heard of the controversial novel, but due to one thing or another, it eluded me over time. Now, at long last, I have it in my possession, and bond in glorious hardback. What classy, significant surprise!!! Can't wait to sink my fangs into it!!!

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