Monday, September 8, 2014

Collectible Time #9: Hulk and Tie Fighter Pilot

Guess what!!! Got another Marvel wooden plaque!!! If you recall, my in-laws, Ned and Faith, purchased a couple for me in the recent past, of Amazing Spider-man #151 and the Avengers #143 (see Collectible Time #3 and #4, Jan/Feb '14). 

Well, I came across another at a local Ross store: The Incredible Hulk #102!!!  It's a dandy cover, as you can see below, with Dr. Banner transforming into the Great, Green Goliath, or is it the other way around? Nonetheless, what metamorphic intensity!!! What torturous melodrama!!!

The plaque has more of a weathered look than seen above, but the basic vibrancy still shines through. Ferociously cool, don't ya think?

I also came across another large-scale "Star Wars" action figure for my collection: an 18" Jakks Tie Fighter Pilot. It's not as towering, of course, as that striking, jumbo-size Jakks Darth Vader or Clone/Storm Troopers one can obtain at Walmart, but at 18", it still draws attention. I must confess, though, I've always been rather partial to this particular darkly geared outfit: a sort of "steampunked" version of Captain Midnight, perhaps, if one didn't know any better!!!

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  1. From what I can discern, Jakks has, in fact, produced a 31" version of the Tie Pilot, but it's a tough one to nab, going for "scalper" type prices on various Internet sources. Bummer...