Sunday, May 18, 2014

Flask of Eyes Update #1

Hello, folks! Just wanted to give you an update on my trippy, monster team-up/alternate-reality novel, "Flask of Eyes". 

Damnation Books assigned a very conscientious and gracious editor, Trevor Donaldson, to work with me on the brush-ups. The third-round edit was completed about a week ago, and the manuscript is now back at Damnation for further review. 

The cover has yet to be designed, but I thought I'd share the above image, which I "borrowed" from an eyeball gallery, if only to mark the fact that things are moving along. 

I'll keep you posted on developments as they emerge!


  1. Thanks for the update, Mr. Housel! I have to admit, I am really digging the borrowed picture of the cluster of eyes. Quite peculiar looking, to say the least. I've always wondered myself as to how the cover development for a book unfolds...any insight, sir? In any event, this book is on my to-read list for the fall/winter season. If you plan on making any local appearances in the future, please post the locations.

  2. Hey, Hydra Island: Gosh, I'm a bit in the dark on the cover process, too, but the art director did tell me that the official cover should emerge about two months prior to publication. I have absolute faith that she (or one of the other Damnation artists) will do a super job on the image. (I believe, however, the "borrowed" image works quite well for the time being.) Oh, and sure, I'll let you know if any appearances emerge (and will also post on Facebook for such), though I'll be just pleased as punch to see the book in print. That's going to be ultra swell.