Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Collectible Time #4: Superman, Justice League and Avengers for Valentine's...

In answer to the magnificent Kotobukiya Batman, which my coworkers graciously gave me for my birthday, my wife, Donna, surprised me with an early Valentine's present--the Kotobukiya JL Superman!!!

As you can undoubtedly see, like Batman, this modern-age rendition of good ol' Kal-El is a real eye-catcher, with the costume resembling (at least at a glance) Henry Cavill's from "Man of Steel", though with unmistakable metallic blue and red sheens and a dash of gold in lieu of the crest yellow. The face is distinctly Superman, as well.

I'll tell you, having this and the Kotobukiya Batman, really gets me even more hyped for the upcoming Batman/Superman movie, not to mention the inevitable live-action JL cinematic incarnation!!!

...Speaking of JL (and the Kotobukiya represented look of its members), I just purchased the latest WB animated version: "Justice League War".

Based on the recent comic-book retelling of the League's origin, "War" depicts how Batman, Green Lantern and Superman discover the mounting phases of a Darkseid invasion, which ultimately leads other classic superheroes (Captain Marvel--in this incarnation referred in name by the magical label, "Shazam"; Cyborg--who gets a ground-up genesis; plus the already firmly established Flash and Wonder Woman) to join the noble cause.

The story angle in this instance is more cynical than in other origin tales, wherein the broadcast medium and general public are definitely less than appreciative of our heroes' valiant efforts. Indeed, such is a sad reflection of our current state of affairs where heroes are too often unjustly vilified and villains too often granted an approving nod. Nonetheless, in the end, JL triumphs, not because its members crave adoration or thanks, but rather because fighting evil is simply the right thing to do.

...Oh, and regardng another most righteous superhero team, my in-laws, Faith and Ned (on the heels of that great Spider-man plaque they sent), surprised me with a companion piece, which arrived just prior to Valentine's Day--Marvel's Avengers #143 (Jan '76).

Talk about breathtaking visuals!!! It's especially satisfying to witness this particular grouping, with Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and the Vision (in the final phase of a crackling Kang, the Conquerer, time-tripping yarn); plus swooping in from yet another monumental team, the Uncanny
X-Men--the eloquently powerful Beast!!!  What a glorious blast from the past!!!

As you can well imagine, it took me no time at all to display this fetching piece upon the wall!!!


  1. I'm so happy you like it. I must say, it does give me quite a thrill: great, imaginative fun all the way!