Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Collectible Time #73: 10" MacFarlane Walking Dead Glenn Figure

Here he is (drumroll, please) the fifth in MacFarlane's 10" AMC's "Walking Dead" action-figure line...Glenn Rhee (and I might add, an early Christmas present from my dear wife; bless her zombie-apocalyptic heart)!

The 10" Glenn sports a remarkable resemblance to actor, Steven Yeun, projecting his character's always focused and concerned countenance. 

This entry, like those that came prior (see "Collectible Time #53: Feb '16), was scanned from 3D imaging, designating it to a higher level among action figures. It's also accompanied by a detailed assault rifle and circular foot-base for easy display.

The MacFarlane 10" series is one of the best of its kind; I only wish there weren't such large gaps between additions. Nonetheless, Glenn seems to project an inevitable Maggie. Wouldn't mind seeing a Governor come along, though, or for that matter, a Shane. 

Anyway, for a mere $35-$40, Glenn is a steal and an excellent way to commemorate one of the most popular characters from one of the most influential television series of the decade. 

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